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A physically reasonable notion of the effectiveness of technology is to increase the acoustic effects of fluid flow (flow rate), regardless of the liquid character, indicating an improvement of filtration properties of bottomhole formation zone, and "return" ability of the formation.


How it works

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Ultrasonic transducer

Operational column

Perforation (Filter)

Oil coast

Acoustic impact zone

Compressor tube

Problem of oil recovery increase

The problem of oil recovery increase is quite acute in continuous deterioration of resource base and small increments of oil reserves by new discoveries in most heavy-heavy oil and low-permeability reservoirs.


Electrohydrodynamic equipment

Exterior equipment:

a) a pulse generatorb) crusher

principle of fragmentation: electro

fineness of grind: from a few mm to a colloidal state (depending on the design of the crusher and the power of the pulse generator)

instantaneous peak power: up to 1 GW

pulse frequency: from 1 to 10 Hz

power generator: 400 x 50 Hz

power consumption: 10 kW

Electrohydrodynamic equipment

Electrohydraulic effect is a new industrial method of transforming of electrical energy into mechanical one, produced without mediating of the intermediate mechanical links, with high efficiency.


microarc oxidation


Main characteristics of valve metals coatings in silicate-alkaline electrolyte:

- thickness up to 500 microns

- microhardness up to 2500 kg/mm2

- breakdown voltage up to 6000 kV

- heat resistance - withstands thermal shock up to 2500 degrees C

- corrosion resistance - 1 point of 10 point scale (the highest)

- wear resistance in compliance with the level of hard alloys

- porosity - from 2 to 50% (adjustable)

Main areas of industry application:

- Engineering

- Instrumentation

- Electrical and electronic industry

- Petrochemical

- Medical

- Automotive

- Aerospace

equipment and technology for microarc oxidation of metals and alloys

Microarc oxidation is one of the most perspective aspects of superficial treatment (modifications gaining wide recognition in majority of industries for forming of multipurpose ceramic-like coatings.


Magnetic pulse treatment of valve metals

Exterior equipment:

Main applications:

Industries Engineering (Aviation, rocket and space, automotive ), electrical and instrumentation, as well as research in the field of pulsed technology.

monoblock design.

remote control from the remote control at a distance of 10 meters.

The maximum current up to 1000 kA.

maximum stored energy 200 kJ

range of operating voltages - 1-50 kV, with a step - 0,5 kV.

Built control system of the discharge parameters.

overload current and voltage.

Automatic removal of residual stress and blocking of unauthorized operation.

Resistance to single overloads in electric breakdown of insulation in the inductor.

power: Three-phase - 380-400 VAC, output -20 kVA.

Equipment and technology for magnetic pulsed processing of metals

Magnetic-pulse arrays are intended for implementation of a wide spectrum of process operations: drop forging, cutting, assemblage, impulse welding of plane and hollow workpieces made of electroconductive materials in a batch and small batch production.


ISKENDER Hardware and Software System

Numerical modeling of oil fields

main objectives:

1. Construction of filtration (gidrodinamichesyuy) field model.
2. Hydrodynamic, hydrochemical and infrastructure ultrasound study of
3. maintain the reservoir pressure (PAP).
3. Evaluating the effectiveness of methods to improve recovery (PNA).
4. Data Warehouse on vnugriskvazhzhnomu equipment, with the ability to capture the new equipment.
5. Data Warehouse on the history of the field to monitor stocks.
6. Determination of fluid flow by means of mathematical modeling of the motion of tracers in the bed while maintaining the in-situ pressure.

ISKENDER software and hardware system

Designed on the basis of up-to-date methods of mathematical and numerical simulation of processes originating at the movement of multiphase flows in well tubes, in flowing channels of an immersion electric-centrifugal pump (IECP) and a formation porous medium.



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