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progress industrial systems sa

PROGRESS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS SA Company in scientific and technical cooperation with "Oil & Gas", Scientific Research Center, Sarov (Russia) develops and manufactures high-tech equipment for various industries.

The company is located in Switzerland in the canton of Neuchatel.

The leading direction of the business is designing, manufacture and sale of ultrasound systems for various purposes, including intensification of oil and gas recovery. The company possesses great experience in production and use of ultrasound technology, its own design office, production facilities for production of ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic emitters.

The company carries out serial production of power ultrasonic systems for enhanced recovery of oil and gas condensate since 2003.

The company develops technology and methods of application of ultrasound systems for intensification of oil and gas production. The ultrasound technology is used on the basis of methods of numerical simulation of an oil field by means of "Iskander" software and hardware system. "Iskander" Software and Hardware System makes it possible to simulate filtration processes (calculation of pressure fields and velocity of fluid flow in porous media) and migration (convective transfer, hydro dispersion, transformation of composition of solutions and rocks), to monitor modification of the field after the complex treatment by powerful and low-frequency ultrasonic fields out of the well, to select and optimize the performance of downhole equipment to improve the performance of the deposit as a whole. The company is designing an "Intelligent Well».

The operability, manufacturability and performance of ultrasound systems and software simulation tests has been proved in the oil fields of such countries as Russia, Syria, Canada, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.

In 2005-2009 we studied the effect of ultrasonic technology on a productive oil reservoir while conducting research and production work on Chibyusk, Severo-Iraelsk, Sotchemyusk and Voyvozhsk deposits, as well as in Romania in low-debit wells of Vata, Tazlau, Baltani fields.

All well treatments without exceptions were successful with an average efficiency of 200% (double debit) of oil.

Our strategy and positioning in the market is the development, production and sales of high-tech, competitive high quality products to provide geophysical and other service companies with systems of ultrasonic stimulation of wells.

Creation of high-tech environment for service companies engaged in activities to intensify production of hydrocarbons.

Creation of software systems making it possible to assess the impact of high-power ultrasonic fields on the bottomhole formation zone and the field in general.

Our goal:

1.To make the technology of ultrasound exposure an "ordinary" (standard) geophysical (service) technology available to most large and small geophysical (service) companies and firms.

In the long term a shift from individual treatments of individual wells to a systemic effect on the object (the group of wells within the block, etc.) is needed, including to the mostly combined, and in a more distant future – to the methodology of active geophysical monitoring.

2.The increase in the coefficient of oil recovery of a formation.

3.Optimization of oil recovery.

In this context, a geophysical service is required to show a more persistent and purposeful work to include the work of ultrasonic intensification (recovery) of wells in the list of services. Therefore, we propose a sale of systems and technology with scientific and methodological support and warranty maintenance.


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