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A physically reasonable notion of the effectiveness of technology is to increase the acoustic effects of fluid flow (flow rate), regardless of the liquid character, indicating an improvement of filtration properties of bottomhole formation zone, and "return" ability of the formation.

In the terms of lack of information and, especially, in complete absence of main characteristics of a formation (inflow profile, etc.), especially under conditions of high water content, a customer often replaces the concept of performance by criteria of increase of inflow of commercial (oil, condensate) output (productivity).

Therefore, the economic effect will be largely determined by completeness and reliability of information about the object, confirming the well-known thesis that one should not save on information.

The most objective criterion of the effectiveness of technology in a particular well may be a period of its recovery (due to sale of additional amounts of product obtained after acoustic exposure), which, unfortunately, can be calculated only after the sales and is very difficult to predict. The reality of our practice (depending on oil prices and other market factors), the payback period can range from several (first) days to several months, with a total duration of the effect of increasing of the productivity from several months (usually 6 months at least) to several years (1-2, sometimes more), often while reducing the watering by a few points.


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